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$15 per order. We can process the fish for you in any form you like.

Fresh fish delivered directly to your door.

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Some of the freshest, highest quality fish available anywhere in the world.

All prices are for whole fish. We will process and cryovac your fish for a small fee of $10 per order.

Delivering to Cairns in the north (north to Smithfield) and Tully in the south from our home base at Kurrimine Beach.

Premium Quality Fish

The same premium quality, line caught reef fish that we supply directly to high end restaurants throughout Australia. This is the quality that made us trophy winners in the 2019 delicious.aus produce awards, which are judged by Australia’s top chefs.

They are caught one at a time and handled with the best possible care. Every fish is immediately killed using the most humane method possible – Ikejime (more about Ikejime here). Every fish is bled thoroughly. We also destroy the spinal cord on every fish. This is known as shinkejime.

Once those 3 very important steps are done, fish are immediately placed into a salt ice brine to rapidly bring internal temperature down to 1-2°C. Fish are then packed in flake ice.

It is agreed worldwide, that this procedure is the way to achieve the highest possible quality. It also greatly extends shelf life. Our fishing trips are very short- never more than 36hrs, and rarely more than 24hrs. This is some of the freshest, highest quality fish available anywhere in the world.

Processing Available

We can process and cryovac your fish for a small fee of $15 per order into any form you like- Gut and gill, scale, fillet etc, and then cryovac. Cryovaced packs can then be placed either in your fridge, or frozen for later on. Gut and gills will be discarded, but apart from that, you’ll receive every part of the fish you have ordered separately. Example- head, frame, wings, fillets packed separately.

Just add ‘Fish Processing‘ to your order, and describe the way you’d like us to process it. For example, gut and scale red emperor, fillet trout. Or fillet all fish.

Delivery Free

Delivery is from Tully in the south to Smithfield (Cairns) in the north. Minimum $100 for all orders.

Delivery area maybe expanded if we receive enough enquiries.

Delivery times may vary but someone will need to be home on day of delivery. Fish will be placed preferably at your doorway, or carport/patio in a cardboard box with ice. It cannot be left in the sun, or left unrefrigerated.

Please place add delivery instructions in the cart.

Delivery times will be confirmed by text message. Please include your mobile number in the cart process.

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Phone: Chris: 0400 956 585 or Kim 0431 984 305
Facebook message: Chris Bolton Fishing


The list of available products is available on this page. This list will be updated as fish becomes available. 


Due to Covid-19 Virus contact restrictions, payment must be done online via Paypal to avoid direct physical contact. If you are a Paypal account holder you may pay via your account. If you are not a Paypal account holder you may use the secure payment gateway to complete payment via Credit Card.