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Whether you are a chef at a 5-star restaurant looking to make every meal special, or a fisherman wanting to have the best chance of hooking that special fish, you won’t be disappointed with the quality of our product.

We bring to you some of the finest quality wild caught fish to ever leave the ocean.

Every single fish we catch is handled with the care and respect it deserves.

Every fish we sell is sashimi grade, the best of the best.

We are a small, family owned and operated fishing business based at Kurrimine Beach, Nth Queensland. I am the skipper and fisherman on every single fishing trip. With help from my partner Kim, my father Wayne at times, and 1 or 2 deckhands, I am hands on with every part of our business. From catching the fish, cleaning boats, taking orders, packing fish, or just having a good old yarn with customers, I am there. I believe this is the only way to ensure everything is up to the standard our customers expect.

Our line-caught reef fish are killed instantly and humanely using the ike-jime method. Fish are bled well and immediately placed into a salt ice brine to bring their temperature down to 2oC. Once this is achieved, every fish is gently hand-packed, one by one into our custom-made fibreglass eskies and covered with flake ice.

Having small, fast boats means we don’t catch large quantities. It means our fishing time is very short – very rarely more than 24 hours fishing before returning to port, with some trips as short as 6 hours.

When returning to port, we don’t unload at the wharf. Our boats are winched onto a trailer, towed by an ex-sugar cane haul-out tractor, and the catch is driven right to the door of our coldroom and packing facility, which was designed and made by myself to suit the way we operate. Our catch is unloaded from the boat and immediately packed for transport, with minimal handling and in the shortest possible timeframe.

Air freight is our preferred method of transport, unless we are supplying to the local area of course.

Premium Quality

We can have any and every fish we catch delivered to anyone, anywhere in Australia within hours of being caught…

All at premium quality.

Wild Caught Fish

Wild caught fish is one of the healthiest foods on the planet.

These fish aren’t fed processed pellets, or had any hormones or antibiotics in their system.

They have lived a life most of us dream of — a life in the clean waters of the Coral Sea, amongst the beautiful Great Barrier Reef.

Every day they are eating delicacies such as squid, sea urchins, prawns, sardines, fusiliers, garfish, crabs and more. Is it any wonder they taste so good?! 100% pure organic, natural food. The way nature intended.

If healthy eating, premium quality, and sustainability are your concerns, be concerned no longer.

Supplying Australia with healthy, sustainably and responsibly caught, premium quality fish is our job. And we take our job very seriously.



Proud to be Reef Guardian Fishers

As a commercial fishing business, we rely on a healthy, sustainable environment.

We believe if we do the best we can by the environment, the environment we rely on will do the best for us as well.

The Great Barrier Reef is more than just a place we rely on for our business, its our life, its our families life, and we want it to stay that way for generations to come.

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Putting ourselves in our customers shoes, seeing things from both ends.
Here's a box we've had in the coldroom for a few days as a test.
The first thing I notice when we open the box is that sweet salty smell of the ocean. I love the smell of opening these boxes!! Definitely no strong 'fishy' smell. A strong 'fishy' smell means it's deteriorating.
Secondly is the look. These fish are still shining like diamonds, and the eyes are clear and rounded. Exactly how I want them to look.
Last is the feel. They're still firm, not soft at all. Still nice and slimy to touch. The natural slime coat is still perfect.
All good so far.
Of course the most important thing is the taste. I know right now these fish will taste as good as the day I caught them, so I'll leave them another 4 or 5 days before I do the taste test. Maybe another week and see how they go.

We just recieved our new brochures as well. Just a little bit about what we do and how we operate. We'll get some out to anywhere that's selling our fish retail. And the wholesalers or restaurants if anyone wants some. Just yell out ✌
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They look fresh as mate. Very interesting to see how long they can last. Keep up the good work and the info 👌👌 cheers

Looks 100 times better than what you see in 99% of fish shop windows

Awesome work brother looks fresh as straight out of the ocean be good to see all the fish shops buying and selling your premium product

Amazing quality mate, how long they last unfrozen?

I’d be super happy opening a box of fish like that...😁

That is superb mate. Your a credit for chasing quality. I’d buy that any day

Once again a quality presentation. Enjoy the videos and what you produce mate.

Look great

Wish my boat esky was that full

Great facts and video! Aussie has the best and we should never ever seen any overseas items on our shelves.

Good post 😁

Are they not gutted and gilled? Will they last 2 weeks with guts in?

Kurtis Muller

He does a good job Tony Sheldon

How long will.they keep unfrozen?

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Here's one for all of you out there that laugh about slateys.
I'll let you in on a little secret- handled correctly they're one of the best white fleshed sashimi fish going.
One thing I've learnt in the last few years is, there's no such thing as a shit fish. Handling has a lot to do with it, and also how fish is cooked, or isn't cooked. There's more than one way to skin a cat 😘
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Heres one for all of you out there that laugh about slateys.
Ill let you in on a little secret- handled correctly theyre one of the best white fleshed sashimi fish going.
One thing Ive learnt in the last few years is, theres no such thing as a shit fish. Handling has a lot to do with it, and also how fish is cooked, or isnt cooked. Theres more than one way to skin a cat 😘


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Mate brought some namus around other day .and tried it thought was the usual tea leaf trevally but was mother in law ..A grade for sure !!

Fantastic to see this sort of thing shared. There’s always going to be those people who decide that a type of fish is shit because they heard it from old mate who knew a guy who once said it was shit! (Probably due to one bad experience and lack of correct handling!) Turrum, trevally and tailor all spring to mind immediately. Even the old Mack tuna has its place with the right handling and prep. Correct handling and suitable preparation are key!!

They are also pretty good with numus I think it is,, left in a mix coconut milk lemon vinegar an a bit of sugar as a base.

Iki-jime, bled and instantly brined - many of my charter guests pass up the good old Slatey, I'll eat it and pass it off as good as any reef fish in my house! Just watch that little strong part on the shoulder

And presentation on point too Chris. Is there a cookbook coming out soon? And by cookbook, I mean a catch to treatment to plate book? 😄 You know I'd buy a copy!

I have heaps of customers that absolutely love them and only want slateys (platinum nannies). They constantly ask for them and say they have a delicious flavour.

Inspired by the Whole Fish Cookbook! Love it 😊

Excellent for fish curry as well

You watch, everyone that follows you Chris will keep them now 😂 never eaten one as sashimi but I will be trying one for sure, I love most fish that’s fresh for sashimi

Yeah nuthin like a cool namus on a hot day ,cold beer or any wine latearvo , beautiful

100% only cooks lacking in ability throw the "shit fish" description around loosely

Hey mate I've kept a few and they've been either really good (told people it was tusky) or not good (probably not handled well). Sometimes they have a real strong iodine smell, have you noticed this and is there any concern? Thinking brain spike and bleeding might help with the iodine smell..

Cass Williams gotta laugh at the local guests that throw them back

Will give that a try 👍

I love them

Was the fish spiked or necked interested to know.

Adam Malski didn't you catch a big one on the coral sea? You get the last laugh now, as everyone told you they tasted like shyt. Even me... lol

Jake McGowan

Dave Palermo the old Hawaiian snapper. Been saying for years they go alright if the fish is looked after

Nah, not for me. I couldn't even get the muddies to eat them.

How much a kg??


Dylan Squarci maybe tori's talent can be of use after all

Felicity Sykala wish we knew this a little while ago 😂

Brett Innes told ya it’s good stuff

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Just got these sent to me from Fish Factory Brisbane.
Selling like hotcakes they tell me! 👌
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Just got these sent to me from Fish Factory Brisbane. 
Selling like hotcakes they tell me! 👌


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On ya guys that's premium quality fish right there..... keep up the good work

That are great looks like they where only just court Chris

Beautiful looking fish mate

Or selling like proper FRESH FISH maybe? 😁

Todd Ryan I would eat this fish! 😋 I know it's fresh.

Nani or trout what’s your favourite?

any river Jew for sale

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