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Whether you are a chef at a 5-star restaurant looking to make every meal special, or a fisherman wanting to have the best chance of hooking that special fish, you won’t be disappointed with the quality of our product.

We bring to you some of the finest quality wild caught fish to ever leave the ocean.

Every single fish we catch is handled with the care and respect it deserves.

Every fish we sell is sashimi grade, the best of the best.

We are a small, family owned and operated fishing business based at Kurrimine Beach, Nth Queensland. I am the skipper and fisherman on every single fishing trip. With help from my partner Kim, my father Wayne at times, and 1 or 2 deckhands, I am hands on with every part of our business. From catching the fish, cleaning boats, taking orders, packing fish, or just having a good old yarn with customers, I am there. I believe this is the only way to ensure everything is up to the standard our customers expect.

Our line-caught reef fish are killed instantly and humanely using the ike-jime method. Fish are bled well and immediately placed into a salt ice brine to bring their temperature down to 2oC. Once this is achieved, every fish is gently hand-packed, one by one into our custom-made fibreglass eskies and covered with flake ice.

Having small, fast boats means we don’t catch large quantities. It means our fishing time is very short – very rarely more than 24 hours fishing before returning to port, with some trips as short as 6 hours.

When returning to port, we don’t unload at the wharf. Our boats are winched onto a trailer, towed by an ex-sugar cane haul-out tractor, and the catch is driven right to the door of our coldroom and packing facility, which was designed and made by myself to suit the way we operate. Our catch is unloaded from the boat and immediately packed for transport, with minimal handling and in the shortest possible timeframe.

Air freight is our preferred method of transport, unless we are supplying to the local area of course.

Premium Quality

We can have any and every fish we catch delivered to anyone, anywhere in Australia within hours of being caught…

All at premium quality.

Wild Caught Fish

Wild caught fish is one of the healthiest foods on the planet.

These fish aren’t fed processed pellets, or had any hormones or antibiotics in their system.

They have lived a life most of us dream of — a life in the clean waters of the Coral Sea, amongst the beautiful Great Barrier Reef.

Every day they are eating delicacies such as squid, sea urchins, prawns, sardines, fusiliers, garfish, crabs and more. Is it any wonder they taste so good?! 100% pure organic, natural food. The way nature intended.

If healthy eating, premium quality, and sustainability are your concerns, be concerned no longer.

Supplying Australia with healthy, sustainably and responsibly caught, premium quality fish is our job. And we take our job very seriously.



Proud to be Reef Guardian Fishers

As a commercial fishing business, we rely on a healthy, sustainable environment.

We believe if we do the best we can by the environment, the environment we rely on will do the best for us as well.

The Great Barrier Reef is more than just a place we rely on for our business, its our life, its our families life, and we want it to stay that way for generations to come.

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20 hours ago

Chris Bolton Fishing

Beware the longnose emperor....😁 ... See MoreSee Less


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Gosh sad to see how the reef no longer has any fish on it. Don't think there would be enough to catch a decent feed. Pfttt. Love this footage. Hope the Gopro lasts Haha

That's really cool, never seen a gopro attached to line like that, you wouldn't wanna snag it.

You finding it useful in addition to the sounder, etc? Like connection to your phone when you bring the line back up to bait again?

How do you rate the eating quality of long nose. I got a few at 900mm on the ribbons and they all curled up in the pan.

What sort of camera are you using?

Piers Cottew

Jay Graham like that long nose before I blasted it 🤣

Richard Mylan

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21 hours ago

Chris Bolton Fishing

Low quantity, high quality, variety, linecaught, ikejime, dayboat freshness, airfreighted, less than 1% bycatch which is released alive, 24-7 sattelite monitoring, strict quotas, reef guardian fisher, responsible ethical practices, family owned and operated, involved with research.
And believe it or not, we're constantly improving.
Anyone that asks for more than this in the way of wildcaught fish needs their head checked 🤷‍♂️
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Nice work Chris.. Quality..

The colours are exceptional Chris👍

Love your work Chris.

Mate they look like they just came out the water 👌

The best👌

Epic mate👌

Good looking fish Our trawl snapper are not pretty like that

Surprised about the legal sized bommie cod at the end haha not many that big come up 👌

Doesn't get any better mate 👌

I like the fish!

you definitely know how to look after your fish Chris Bolton Fishing

I have worked out your “real secret” Chris haha!

Kenney Hart

Need a deckhand? Will work long days for one fish for food and half a dozen gar for baits 😂😂 Nice fish I honestly don’t think anyone could really ask for more could they?

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4 days ago

Chris Bolton Fishing

This is why you need to ask exactly who, how and where your seafood comes from, and also only buy from a trusted supplier.
There aren't that many commercial fishermen in Australia these days, so it shouldn't really be that hard to know who, how, and where the seafood came from exactly. There's plenty of good wholesalers, retailers, restaurants etc out there that want you to know, but there's also a hell of a lot that don't.
Almost every day I hear and see the typical "we support sustainability rah rah rah". Well I've learnt a lot about selling fish in the last few years, and I've found there's a lot of people that can talk the talk very well, but they don't walk the walk.

We can't get good quality linecaught saddletail or goldband because of the weather, or the fishermen want too much for it, doesn't matter, we'll get some trawled up stuff caught 2 weeks ago and flog it off as fresh linecaught.....😖
We won't get local coral trout because the price is too high, we'll get some real cheap stuff from Indonesia or Philippines and sell it as coral trout and we'll make more money. It will be all good. No one will know it's not local.......😖
Ikejime fish costs too much, we'll just buy some fish that's suffocated to death and poke a hole in its head, no one will know the difference.......😖

Believe me, these very things and a lot more happen regularly. Incorrect names is only the tip of the iceberg.
If you're buying seafood on price alone without asking questions, you're probably not getting the bargain you thought you were getting.
Reality is, good quality wildcaught seafood is expensive. Sustainability is expensive. You just will not buy quality sustainable wildcaught seafood cheaply. Its impossible.
And something else to think about, which I know very well happens a lot in every coastal town- black marketing. Joe Blow down the road might be selling fish on the black market for a third or half the price as anywhere else, but illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing is causing many problems for countries all around the world at the moment. Its costing us all in one way or another.
If you can't afford to eat good quality Aussie seafood, and legally caught, you're better off eating none at all.

The Project
Australian’s love their fish, but what ends up on your plate might not be what you paid for.
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Not at Tully Seafood! Our fish we cook is Spanish Mackerel (not broad barred Grey Mackerel) and our fish is local and labelled as such even if it may have a hundred names😁

We had fish last night from Deeragun Takeaway, it was mushy & disgusting, won't ever go back there again, waste of $44. Used to buy tea once a week there. lost me.

Dan Battye why I won't eat fish from shops any more. As far as I know Mercardos is the only fish market in Brisbane you can buy Chris boltons fish , I've seen first hand how he handles each and every fish and it's from the water to restraunts/market's within 24h -48 hours. Well worth the dollars.

The government is responsible for this, wholly and solely no question

Just remember your not the only fisherman in QLD Chris Bolton Fishing!We drive hundreds of miles each week to buy good quality fish from fishermen who fish QLD & NSW waters for our Seafood Shop in Toowoomba. We make sure it is labelled correctly every time! Honest to a fault & sometimes to our detriment as price deters many shoppers. The public don’t trust fish shops because of this stuff & it gets pretty hard when someone looks over the counter like you are lying even though you have a filleting knife in one hand & a fresh whiting in the other! Gonna keep persevering though we can all be proud of the product we present to our customers! Keep sending through great product.

Maybe you should stop sending your Seafood overseas chasing more dollars and start supporting Australians with fresh Australian seafood. Commercial fisherman being allowed by the government to send so much seafood overseas chasing the bigger dollar is the issue here.

Chris Bolton

$1.50 a litre for fuel, expensive licences and requirements to appease the bureaucratic bullshit and all the associated registrations even before the commercial guys dip their boat in the water. Enter Willie Chong from Indonesia, gets out of bed in his hut perched over the water he shits in everyday, catches a few cat fish ( Basa) and straight to the nearest Wholesaler in Straya. Is something wrong with this picture or is this just another industry the seat shiners are bringing to its knees and who is “ Policing the Police”

And don't even get me started on prawns I worked for a pizza place once apon a time the prawns used are labeled not to be used as bait due the diseases that they carry

I know exactly where my fish comes from.Its stil only just cheaper to go get yourself. I the dickhead pollies have their way it will soon be out of reach though.

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