Working with businesses that respect the fish as much as we do


We don’t catch the quantity of fish to supply a large amount of customers. The small selection of businesses we supply are at the top of their game. They understand and appreciate how we operate and why we operate in the way we do, and also understand that fish isn’t simply just fish.

We supply businesses that are just as committed to premium quality and sustainable, responsible fishing as we are. Businesses that respect fish as much as we do.

Some information about the businesses we supply, and their customers, will be updated in the near future.

Even though we have a strong demand for our product in the southern cities, we believe in keeping some product local. Locals are welcome to purchase fresh fish directly from us, although it must be pre-ordered, and no processing of fish is done by us in any way. We sell whole fish only.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for when fish will be available directly to the public in the local area, or get in touch by phone or email if you would like to pre-order.

Absolutely none of our fish is exported. Caught in Australia, for Australia!


Through June to November/December, we do regular trips to Cairns to deliver high quality bait right to your door (orders must be over $50). For charter operators, if you need bait in a hurry, we can have it delivered by courier to Cairns on any weekday by 7:30am.

Home deliveries to the Cassowary Coast region can be made weekly.

We can also air freight to almost anywhere in Australia. A minimum order of $100 worth of product is required for air freight deliveries, and freight is payable by the customer. The airfreight prices we have in place are quite reasonable and will only cost you what we are charged by the freight company.

To order, please contact us either on Facebook or enquire here.

Whether you are interested in buying table fish or bait, you will be buying premium quality. Premium quality doesn’t come cheap, but cheap fish definitely isn’t premium quality.

Absolutely none of our fish is exported. Caught in Australia, for Australia!

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