Net Fishing

Net Fishing

Some of the most well-known and respected game fishermen in Australia use our bait with outstanding results.

We send bait to serious fishermen all around Australia including Weipa, Darwin, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Perth, Canberra and many other places in between.

As commercial fishermen, we know just know how important it is to use high quality bait.

Originally we purchased our bait fishing licence so that we could be responsible for the quality of the bait we relied on for our fishing business. My dad was also finding it impossible to buy high quality bait for the fishing he now does in his retirement – game fishing for marlin, mahi mahi etc, so I also started catching bait for him.

As time progressed, locals got to see the quality of the bait we were using and started asking if we were willing to sell some. I was reluctant to sell the bait that I had worked so hard to catch and keep in such good condition. We started selling small amounts to friends and family. As quickly as that bait caught fish, word was getting around that we were selling some of the best quality bait available anywhere in north Qld.

Gamefishermen and charter operators in Cairns – one of the most well known game fishing destinations in the world, were soon enquiring about being able to use our bait.

Before long, some of the most well-known and respected game fishermen in Australia, or the world for that matter, were using our bait with outstanding results. Today we send bait to serious fishermen all around Australia!

Our net fishing is done in a boat specially designed for the purpose. The very fine meshed nets that I use are designed and handmade by myself, right here in our shed.

The fine mesh used ensures that if anything over about 1kg enters the net, it easily escapes free and continue what it was doing without any stress or injury whatsoever.

Many of the ropes and floats used on my nets have been recycled from the Indonesian “ghost nets” that wash up on the beaches in the gulf of Carpentaria.

A friend of mine does a lot of beach-combing, and whenever he finds ghost nets on the beach, they are bundled up and sent my way to recover what I can.

I have spent many long hours designing, making, and trialling new net designs specifically to catch the fish we are targeting. I also use different techniques of catching different species of fish. This means our bycatch is now always under 0.5% which is always released alive, but more often we have absolutely zero bycatch. My nets are only half the size of the legally allowed length and every single fish is removed from the net alive.

Within hours of being caught, every fish is cryovac packed and snap frozen. We dont catch huge quantities, quantity means nothing. Quality is what counts.

If you are serious about using high quality bait, we have what you are looking for. Caught, cryovac packed and snap frozen within hours of being caught.

You wont find better!

Photos of the bait in action below with more in the gallery!

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June to November/December, we do regular trips to Cairns as well as home deliveries to the Cassowary Coast region.

We can also air freight to almost anywhere in Australia.