5 spot or black barred garfish as bait

The fish used as bait are caught and handled with the same care as the gar we sell as food. Their quality is equivalent, but instead of being packed and sold fresh, they are packed in cryovac bags and snap frozen.

These garfish are used for trolling for species such as black marlin, blue marlin, sailfish, wahoo, mahi mahi, tuna and Spanish mackeral. Hand-graded and packed ensuring there are no broken gills or damaged fish.

In some areas, these garfish are caught in quite large volumes, with little respect for the fish, and little thought for producing quality product.

These are not your average garfish, these are some of the best quality gar you will ever see!


Poddy Mullet

You can catch just about anything with gills and a tail using poddy mullet as bait!

Barramundi, coral trout, red emperor, marlin, mackeral, mangrove jack, salmon, whatever you want to use them for. Eat them yourself if you like.

Everything we catch is premium food grade fish.


Oceanic Queenies

The oceanic queenfish are a smaller species of queenfish and popular for game fishing.

Dark blue along the back, with black spots on a shiny silver body. This species does not have a size limit due to the small adult size of these fish.

Many marlin have taken the bait of a trolled queenfish supplied by us, including some monsters over 1000lb!


1 spot or 3by2 garfish

1 spot garfish is very similar to the 5 spot, except they only have 1 spot and less blue colouration.

Not as popular for that reason, but a very similar fish, and still very good bait. I do not target this species, but quite often there are small amounts caught with the 5 spot gar.


Sardines are a favourite bait of reef fishermen including myself. They are much tougher than pilchards and the natural food of many of the table fish caught in Qld.

One of the best baits for coral trout!


Barred Queenfish

The barred queenfish is another small species with no size limit. They have a yellow tail and fins, bars along the sides of the body and are deeper bodied than the oceanic queenfish.

These are also popular with game fishermen. Again, some massive fish caught on this species.

Giant Queenfish & Others

As the name giant queenfish suggests, these are the giants of the family. With a 50cm minimum size limit, we dont catch many of these. The size of these fish means they tear holes through our fine meshed nets.

At times we are lucky enough to land small numbers of these fish from 50-60cm, which are sought after as bait for the giant black marlin.

Other baitfish we intermittently have available are local squid, cuttlefish, pilchards, wolf herring, yellow-tail scad, hair tail and mud herring.

If you would like premium quality bait of a particular species, get in contact and we will do our best to help.