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Bit of new mud crab research happening.
I've seen quite a few egg bearing female mud crabs over the years swimming on the surface, miles and miles from land. 
I've always wondered what they are actually doing out there. I've heard many different theories but it seems no one really knows a great deal about the life cycle of mud crabs, not yet anyway....
I know a lot of fishermen- commercial and recreational, are against helping research but I think its in everyone's best interests to help researchers understand the life cycles of any of our fisheries resources. The more thats known, the better things can be managed. And hopefully then things can be managed more sustainably focused rather than politically. 
So if you see a berried up jenny mudcrab, anywhere, report it. Details on the flyer.
And on the politics of it all, with reforms happening, Qld mud crab is a touchy subject at the moment for a lot of people, but that's another story. Leave the bitching and whingeing for another post on another page. ✌