Reef Guardian Fishers

We are part of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) reef guardian program.
The reef guardian program recognises the positive environmental work undertaken by communities and industries to protect the Great Barrier Reef.
The Reef Guardian program involves working closely with those who use and rely on the Great Barrier Reef for recreation or business, to help build a healthier, more resilient reef system.

25% of the land area of Queensland is in the catchment which drains into the Great Barrier Reef. This means it’s not just people on or using the reef that can help make a positive difference. The program involves schools, farmers, fishermen and local councils, that are committed to helping build and maintain a healthy reef system.


Making a difference

Some of the extra steps we take as Reef Guardian Fishers to help make a positive difference are:

  • Using solar power. We produce as much energy annually as we consume
  • No lead sinkers are used. Recycled steel is used for our sinkers, which would otherwise be used as landfill. These sinkers rapidly degrade in the saltwater environment in the event they are lost.
  • No stainless steel hooks. In the event of a fish breaking our fishing lines with a hook lodged in its mouth, the mild steel hooks will deteriorate quite quickly and dislodge from the mouth of that fish, causing minimal harm or stress.
  • We never anchor directly on coral. Great care is taken to only drop the anchor on a sandy bottom. A ‘trip’ is used on our anchor, and in the unlikely event of the anchor becoming lodged in the bottom, the trip will break and the anchor is retrieved by pulling it out backwards.

  • We use only fuel efficient, low emission 4 stroke outboards
  • A huge area fished, and regardless of catch, never repeatedly fish the same areas
  • We use large hooks and heavy tackle to avoid catching juveniles. Through experience we also know the areas which hold juvenile fish, and these areas are avoided.
  • Sightings of species of conservation interest are reported to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and Qld Fisheries.
  • Also report sightings of Crown of Thorns starfish to GBRMPA.

Protecting Natural Environment

Constant Improvement

We are constantly looking for ways to improve what we do and how we do it to minimise environmental impact.

  • All waste is minimised, and we recycle where possible.
  • Very targeted fishing methods are used, with extremely low bycatch, if any at all.
  • Spawning aggregations are avoided. Numerous times I have driven away from spawning aggregations of fish.
  • We quite often communicate with QLD Fisheries and are voluntarily involved with fisheries research.

We ensure every fish we catch is utilised to its maximum potential. No fish is ever wasted, and any fish caught that we don’t have a premium market for, is released alive. Every fish is handled with care and respect, and kept in the best possible condition.

We are very proud to be Reef Guardian Fishers.

As a commercial fishing business, we rely on a healthy, sustainable environment.

We believe if we do the best we can by the environment, the environment we rely on will do the best for us as well.

The Great Barrier Reef is more than just a place we rely on for our business, its our life, its our families life, and we want it to stay that way for generations to come.